People Petition to Confiscate Guns From Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the Second Amendment (1080p)

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Crow Magnum says:

You talk about INBREEDS..We have got a serious problem with idiots in this country.
If there is ever a civil war make sure you whack them first so they don’t give up our position.

William Sands says:

i am a dissenter i liked in canada thats a better system less guns for criminals law abiders need a license

phantomsuccour says:

Great typical lib. Rights for you and no rights for dissenters.

William Sands says:

i’d sign

madeinengland555 says:

Lol@ brainwashed masses

04CumminsCR says:

Are you freaking kidding me people like that should go to another country!

Bodabicus says:

Interesting, I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now…

weirdrow says:

holy sheep shit

zigzag024 says:

So many stupid people!!!!

SalemStorm says:

Uh huh. Yeah. Duh

arpen1975 says:

The man show did one of these accept they were repealing the 19th amendment. They actually got a few women to say “Women shouldn’t have the right to vote” It’s amazing how oblivious some of these idiots are.

SgtRazack says:

People like this……. holds bridge of nose……… sigh

Joe Ragman says:

This is sad. Stupid people shouldn’t breed !

Leo David says:

This proves my assertions that liberals have A.I.D.S(Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome) showing the Liberal documentary The Human Centipede was accurate one lib shitting it out the next goobling it up to in turn shit it out for the next lib and so on etc etc

Dalton Kelso says:

Oh apple, Why must you fail and post half a comment?

Dalton Kelso says:

URMAGERD! Christ I am ashamed to live in Ahmurrica! At this point I think I shol

Jollebro says:

That’s a scary video.

kevykev1970 says:

omg people are fin stupid

Johnny P says:

Don;t worry, I’ll show them mercy, a quick death with .556 and .45

gamr1911 says:

Are these people really that oblivious to his overly obvious sarcasm? This video reconfirms why it is no surprise Obama won a second term in office!

17orto says:

God ppl are so stupid,unbelievable I wld be so mortified if I seen someone I knw sign that paper..who in the hell are these commies that want to disarm LAW abiding citizens,what a freakin joke.It just goes to show how the public school system is failing are population,holy crap I had a little more faith in the American populous!!!

Johnny P says:

Many of our founding fathers frequently spoke of Christianity and the danger our country would face should we abandon it, yet our country would not be the US had we not taken up arms.

Johnny P says:

That is taken out of context, we’re not talking about an insult, a threat, or some physical abuse, I’m talking about life or death of you, your family, or friends.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. — Matthew 5:9
You are obviously entitled to your own interpretation, but to label a man as non-Christian because he believes in gun ownership is absurd. …Continued…

jason saffary says:

ask me for signature !I will remove your face lol

S Winegar says:

This is freakin hilarious yet scary that some people signed it. I’ve seen the results of petitions in High Schools…I have no hope for the next generation. They rely too damn much on the government

rerod says:

Yes it’s pathetic how many programmed sheep there are in this country. Mind control does work!

Johnny P says:

lol really? Christians shouldn’t own guns? So just bend over and take it, let the rest of the world that hates you slaughter you, Jesus never said you can’t defend yourself.

tobysoter says:


JJ Lubian says:

Hello Johnn Smith, you’re a good patriot… I know that you meant well with your comments after only viewing 4 seconds but, you responded too soon., please re-watch this video and pay careful attention to the absurdities coming out of the Petitioner’s mouth and to what the “sheeple” are agreeing to. The reveal towards the middle of the video is classic… I am sure that you will “Like” it afterwards.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Country”
Save the 2nd Amendment.

dgafcity says:

Omg I can’t believe people are literally this dumb… he literally said everything and only two people holy shit

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